Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yamaha vixion 2008

Yamaha vixion 2008.In several days in millis mxrider busy was discussed that there is New Yamaha but only in India, Yamaha whether gerangan..? If being seen tampila him this Yamaha motor was similar very much with Yamaha Vixion that circulated in Indonesia, but that distinguished this Yamaha motor was fairing all over his body that increasingly made tampilan to was proper for a true sport motor. If being seen from the site of Yamaha India this motor berlabel Yamaha R15. For this affair of the kitchen of the motor spur of eleven twelve with Yamaha Vixion that already the success asphalted in Indonesia approximately a year. This motor still tetep used the liquid cooler with the machine capacity 150cc by all fitur that almost was the same as Vixion including the burning system that has utilised Electronic Fuel Injection technology, mono cross to the suspension behind. By many kesamaa him of course was that made more than Yamaha R15 this that is the design that was the descendants from the type family of „ R “ in Yamaha as well as the existence of the brake.Yamaha vixion 2008 photo