Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yamaha Majesty 2008

New comer In king of the road. here are  Majesty 400 - The king of luxury, king of the city, king of the open road, great it will be the king of 2008 road.Have you heard  limo before,so this is real luxury transport for you, because it is more than big car it is luxury ride, Majesty 400 also offering you the greatest luxury of all, the great taste none ever before. This yamaha majesty oprek improved acceleration and fully automatic transmission from about the 400cc liquid-cooled engine,
Majesty  takes you way beyond the city limits along the world. taste the  manoeuvrability  show you through the ban gridlock and superb functionality, Majesty 400 creates an extra dimension to your life. Plus both engine and chassis are wrapped in a bodywork that offers comfort that some long-distance tourers can’t match, with luxurious seating that includes a passenger backrest as standard. It’s time to change your life, it’s time to get a Majesty.ImageHost.org
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